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26/04/12 Match Report: St Agnes 4 v Penzance 5

Posted by Suzii on April 27, 2012 at 3:55 AM

St Agnes 4 lost 23/26 to Penzance 5  :(

Our final match of the season & lovely to have our full squad of 9 players.  A really tough, close game all the way.  Strong defending from Eden, Jane & Emily, good attacking & feeding into the circle from Kizzy, Ruby & Katie & well worked in the circle Libby & Ebby against tough defenders.  A fantastic effort by everyone.  A great team improvement over the season, well done. Thank you to Jenny Baker for umpiring & Vics for coaching & Sandy & Annie for scoring & timing.  Thanks to our supporters too. Heres to the next season :D

Captain Suzii 8)

13/04/12 Match Report: St Agnes 4 v Storm 4

Posted by Suzii on April 16, 2012 at 9:50 AM

St Agnes 4 beat Storm 4 34/13 :D

Wow!!! The most amazing game weve ever played!! All our training came together, straight line passes, dodging, accurate proper shots, two hands defending over the ball, safe balls. We took the lead from the 1st quarter & increased our lead each quarter. Fabulous shooting from Ebby & Libby, superb attack from Ruby & Katie & accurate feeding into the circle, very strong defence from Jane, Eden & Sam. Really well played girls, im sooo proud of you all. A big thank you to Annie for umpiring, Emma for her kind words as coach, our supporters- Janes mum, Ebby & Rubys dad & mummmy Ball. Thank you Sam for scoring & reserving. Only 1 more match to go...lets make it another win!! :P

Captain Suzii :P

05/04/12 Match Report: St Agnes 4 v LNC Cougars

Posted by Suzii on April 6, 2012 at 5:25 AM

St Agnes 4 lost 21/26 to LNC Cougars :(

Really well played girls to quite a physical team!! A very close match, but our tiredness got the better of us in that last quarter. Excellent shooting from Leah, lovely feeding into the circle from Katie & Laura, strong defence from Donna, Jane & Sam. A big thank you to Sam, Donna, Leah & Laura for playing up for us to make up our team!! Thanks to Sandy for umpiring & Annie for coaching. Happy Easter & enjoy your chochs!!

Captain Suzii :-) :D

08/03/12 Match Report: St Agnes 4 v CSM

Posted by Suzii on March 9, 2012 at 3:55 AM

St Agnes 4 lost 16/41 to CSM

A brilliant effort girls & an improvement from the last match against CSM!!  Lovely shooting from Libby, Ebby & Kizzy, Ruby & Katie working well together feeding into the circle.  Awesome defence from Vics, Emily & Kizzy.  A really good effort.  A really big thank you to Vics for stepping in & playing :D Only 3 more matches to go!!

Captain Suzii :/


01/03/12 Match Report: St Agnes 4 v Lastonet 6

Posted by Suzii on March 2, 2012 at 7:15 AM

St Agnes 4 beat Lastonet 6 33/21  :lol:

Not a good start with Lastonet turning up at the wrong venue!!  And without a scorer!!  Anyway neck & neck for the 1st half, but into the 3rd & 4th quarter we managed to gain our lead to win.  Super duper shooting from Ebby & Libby.  Lovely attack from Katie & Ruby, strong defence from Eden, Emily & Jane.  Well done Aggie 4.  Thanks to Emma for her positive coaching skills & also thank you to Sandy W for being our most appreciated scorer & timer .

Captain Suzii 8)

16/02/12 Match Report: St Agnes 4 v Lastonet 5

Posted by Suzii on February 17, 2012 at 5:20 AM

St Agnes 4 lost to Lastonet 5 17/40 :(

Well a pretty tough game against a strong team, with only 4 of our own 4th team, a really big thank you to Carolyn & Donna for stepping in & playing the whole game & a big thank you too to Jade, Maya, Leah & Sam who kindly played a quarter each which made up our 7th player!!  Thanks Annie for coaching & to all our supporters too.  Well tried everyone & really good effort!

Captain Suzii

02/02/12 Match Report: St Agnes 4 v CSM

Posted by Suzii on February 3, 2012 at 3:45 AM

St Agnes 4 lost to CSM 12/69 :(

Unfortunately not a good start with the opposing team turning up late & without an umpire!!  Thanks to Vics for helping them out.  Well probably our toughest match yet, against a new team who really should have been placed higher in the league divisions!!  We knew it was going to be a challange but we did our best!!  Well done to all team 4 for an amazing fight.  Thanks to Vics for coaching & Mummy Fussell for helping to score & time.  Hope Kizzy, Emily & Eden OK after a few knocks & crashes xx


Captain Suzii :D Off to Spain NEXT week :lol:8)

23/01/12 Match Report: St Agnes 4 v Connect 4

Posted by Suzii on January 24, 2012 at 1:05 PM

St Agnes 4 beat Connect 4    44/10 :lol:

Wow, what an amazing game!!  It was clear in the first quarter that we were the stronger team.  We increased our lead each quarter!!  Amazing shooting from Ebby & Libby, super attacking skills from Katie & Kizzy, feeding perfectly into the circle.  Strong defence from Jane,Emily & Donna.  A really great match, well played girls.  Thank you Emma for your coaching advice & positive feedback, thank you Annie for umpiring, sorry it was such a boring match!!  Thank you Donna for subbing & playing.  Happy days :D

Captain Suzii (off to Spain in two weeks!!)  8)

22/12/11 Match Report: St Agnes 4 v Storm 4

Posted by Suzii on December 23, 2011 at 9:55 AM

St Agnes 4 lost 19/29 to Storm 4 :o

Bit of a muddle to start as couple of our players were stuck in traffic!!  Luckily Vics subbed for our 1st quarter to give us our 7 to start.  A tough match against a strong Storm 4th team. Lovely shots from Vics, Ebby & Libby, excellent centre court from Kizzy. Laura & Ruby, with strong defence from Jane & Jade.  We held our own in the last quater & actually won that last 15 mins!!  Final score 10 goals down.  A big thank you to Vics, Jade & Laura for subbing & playing, Ruth for umpiring & Vics for coaching, Emma for timing & scoring & all our appreciated supporters.  Merry Christmas everyone xx

Captain Suzii :roll:

08/12/11 Match Report: St Agnes 4 v Falcons 2

Posted by Suzii on December 9, 2011 at 6:20 PM

St Agnes 4 lost to Falcons 2   23/27 :(

A great game & very close all the way, quite a tough match!!  Super defence from Eden who had a very good shooter to mark, with great back up from Emily, especially in the 4th quarter.  Strong centre court from both Kizzy & Ruby. Lovely dodging in the circle with great shooting from Libby & Ebby.  A brilliant team effort, well played anyway.  A really big thank you from our awesome subs, Laura & Jade who did us proud & a big thanks to Donna for scoring & timing.  Thank you Sandy for your coaching skills & patience!!

Captain Suzii :lol: