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08/03/12 Match Report: St Agnes 4 v CSM

Posted by Suzii on March 9, 2012 at 3:55 AM

St Agnes 4 lost 16/41 to CSM

A brilliant effort girls & an improvement from the last match against CSM!!  Lovely shooting from Libby, Ebby & Kizzy, Ruby & Katie working well together feeding into the circle.  Awesome defence from Vics, Emily & Kizzy.  A really good effort.  A really big thank you to Vics for stepping in & playing :D Only 3 more matches to go!!

Captain Suzii :/


01/03/12 Match Report: St Agnes 4 v Lastonet 6

Posted by Suzii on March 2, 2012 at 7:15 AM

St Agnes 4 beat Lastonet 6 33/21  :lol:

Not a good start with Lastonet turning up at the wrong venue!!  And without a scorer!!  Anyway neck & neck for the 1st half, but into the 3rd & 4th quarter we managed to gain our lead to win.  Super duper shooting from Ebby & Libby.  Lovely attack from Katie & Ruby, strong defence from Eden, Emily & Jane.  Well done Aggie 4.  Thanks to Emma for her positive coaching skills & also thank you to Sandy W for being our most appreciated scorer & timer .

Captain Suzii 8)

16/02/12 Match Report: St Agnes 4 v Lastonet 5

Posted by Suzii on February 17, 2012 at 5:20 AM

St Agnes 4 lost to Lastonet 5 17/40 :(

Well a pretty tough game against a strong team, with only 4 of our own 4th team, a really big thank you to Carolyn & Donna for stepping in & playing the whole game & a big thank you too to Jade, Maya, Leah & Sam who kindly played a quarter each which made up our 7th player!!  Thanks Annie for coaching & to all our supporters too.  Well tried everyone & really good effort!

Captain Suzii

02/02/12 Match Report: St Agnes 4 v CSM

Posted by Suzii on February 3, 2012 at 3:45 AM

St Agnes 4 lost to CSM 12/69 :(

Unfortunately not a good start with the opposing team turning up late & without an umpire!!  Thanks to Vics for helping them out.  Well probably our toughest match yet, against a new team who really should have been placed higher in the league divisions!!  We knew it was going to be a challange but we did our best!!  Well done to all team 4 for an amazing fight.  Thanks to Vics for coaching & Mummy Fussell for helping to score & time.  Hope Kizzy, Emily & Eden OK after a few knocks & crashes xx


Captain Suzii :D Off to Spain NEXT week :lol:8)

23/01/12 Match Report: St Agnes 4 v Connect 4

Posted by Suzii on January 24, 2012 at 1:05 PM

St Agnes 4 beat Connect 4    44/10 :lol:

Wow, what an amazing game!!  It was clear in the first quarter that we were the stronger team.  We increased our lead each quarter!!  Amazing shooting from Ebby & Libby, super attacking skills from Katie & Kizzy, feeding perfectly into the circle.  Strong defence from Jane,Emily & Donna.  A really great match, well played girls.  Thank you Emma for your coaching advice & positive feedback, thank you Annie for umpiring, sorry it was such a boring match!!  Thank you Donna for subbing & playing.  Happy days :D

Captain Suzii (off to Spain in two weeks!!)  8)

22/12/11 Match Report: St Agnes 4 v Storm 4

Posted by Suzii on December 23, 2011 at 9:55 AM

St Agnes 4 lost 19/29 to Storm 4 :o

Bit of a muddle to start as couple of our players were stuck in traffic!!  Luckily Vics subbed for our 1st quarter to give us our 7 to start.  A tough match against a strong Storm 4th team. Lovely shots from Vics, Ebby & Libby, excellent centre court from Kizzy. Laura & Ruby, with strong defence from Jane & Jade.  We held our own in the last quater & actually won that last 15 mins!!  Final score 10 goals down.  A big thank you to Vics, Jade & Laura for subbing & playing, Ruth for umpiring & Vics for coaching, Emma for timing & scoring & all our appreciated supporters.  Merry Christmas everyone xx

Captain Suzii :roll:

08/12/11 Match Report: St Agnes 4 v Falcons 2

Posted by Suzii on December 9, 2011 at 6:20 PM

St Agnes 4 lost to Falcons 2   23/27 :(

A great game & very close all the way, quite a tough match!!  Super defence from Eden who had a very good shooter to mark, with great back up from Emily, especially in the 4th quarter.  Strong centre court from both Kizzy & Ruby. Lovely dodging in the circle with great shooting from Libby & Ebby.  A brilliant team effort, well played anyway.  A really big thank you from our awesome subs, Laura & Jade who did us proud & a big thanks to Donna for scoring & timing.  Thank you Sandy for your coaching skills & patience!!

Captain Suzii :lol:

24/11/11 Match Report: St Agnes 4 v Connect 4

Posted by Suzii on November 25, 2011 at 4:00 AM

St Agnes 4 beat Connect 4 29/25 :lol:


Well what a close match all the way!!  Neck and neck each quarter until the last quarter when we managed to just pull ahead!!  A well deserved win.  Fantastic shooting from Libby & Ebby, well worked in that circle, excellent attack from Ruby & Katie with some great feeding into the circle, strong defence from Eden, Emily, Carolyn & Suzii.  Thank you to Annie for coaching, Sandy for umpiring, Sandy W for scoring & timing & all our other appreciated supporters!!


Captain Suzii :roll:

17/11/11 Match Report: St Agnes 4 v LNC Cougars

Posted by Suzii on November 18, 2011 at 7:20 AM

St Agnes 4  lost to Liskeard Cougars 15/30

A rare match to have all our squad of 9 available :) to play.  Unfortuately, not our best game at all.  Liskeard soon took the lead & in our 3rd quarter we managed to catch up a little, but all in all we gained just one point for getting half the score.  Shooting from Libby, Ebby & Kizzy, centre court from Katie, Ruby & Kizzy, defence from Eden, Emily, Jane & Suzii.  Well tried team.  Thanks to Vics for her patience with coaching us, Cass for scoring & timing & those much appreciated supporters.  See you next Thur


Captain Suzii :P

10/11/11 Match Report : St Agnes 4 v Lastonet 6

Posted by Suzii on November 11, 2011 at 4:10 AM

St Agnes 4 beat Lastonet 6 34/22

Well done girls, a great win!!  Lovely to have our full squad of 9 players. A slow start but we soon took the lead.  Fantastic shooting from new team member Libby with good back up from Kizzy & Ebby, lovely circle feeding from Ruby & Katie, great defence work from Emily, Eden & Jane.  Great straight line passing & acurate throwing into spaces.  Thanks to Annie for coaching, Sandy S for umpiring, Edens mum for scoring & all our supporters.  But Ruby, just remember...youre not supposed to take your own team players out!!!!!!!!!  Really well done Aggie 4


Captain Suzii 8)