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13/04/12 Match Report: St Agnes 4 v Storm 4

Posted by Suzii on April 16, 2012 at 9:50 AM

St Agnes 4 beat Storm 4 34/13 :D

Wow!!! The most amazing game weve ever played!! All our training came together, straight line passes, dodging, accurate proper shots, two hands defending over the ball, safe balls. We took the lead from the 1st quarter & increased our lead each quarter. Fabulous shooting from Ebby & Libby, superb attack from Ruby & Katie & accurate feeding into the circle, very strong defence from Jane, Eden & Sam. Really well played girls, im sooo proud of you all. A big thank you to Annie for umpiring, Emma for her kind words as coach, our supporters- Janes mum, Ebby & Rubys dad & mummmy Ball. Thank you Sam for scoring & reserving. Only 1 more match to go...lets make it another win!! :P

Captain Suzii :P

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